CAM Construction & Design Inc.

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I have been building as long as I can remember. I grew up building with my Father. As a boy, it was forts, & tree houses. In 1983, I was the first student to ever receive a creative arts scholarship when I graduated from Ventura High School for woodworking. The projects grew, and as I got older it turned into homes. I believe the most successful job is accomplished through excellent communication between the Client, Architect or Designer and the Builder. A huge part of communication is listening, really listening to what the Client wants and then taking that information and transforming their vision into reality.


I have confidence in the team of people I choose to work with. They, like me, are committed to executing great craftsmanship resulting in a finish the Client is proud of and excited to show everyone. I enjoy giving people the security they need through the process of Construction because it can feel uncertain and a little scary for some. Honesty and clear time frames are an essential component as well. I only do one job at a time. Sometimes my Clients may have to wait until I am available, but once I start their job I am there until completion. For over twenty years I can say that the majority of my jobs have been referrals from clients.


-Chris A. McDonagh, President


Custom Homes & Remodels

  • Room Additions

  • Kitchen & Bath Remodel

  • Outdoor Areas; Arbors, Patios, Fireplaces,  BBQ's, Decks, Fences, & Gates.

  • Design Consultation

  • Demolition & Clean up

  • Construction Management

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